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Is your home a fixer upper?

You haven’t made any upgrades and the heater is old. The roof is old, and everything costs too much money for your budget. Are you tempted to call a Cash-As-Is offer that is mailed weekly to your home?

Why consider selling during the winter months


January and February are traditionally the months our area gets the most snow fall.  However, we have had some very heavy snow falls even into the beginning of March. So why put your house on the market during the winter?





Don’t Hire a Turkey to Sell Your Home

For whatever the reason, it’s time to sell your home.  How can you find the best sales agent to help you get the most money, the quickest sale with the least amount of inconvenience?  Let’s be honest about the real estate business:  It only takes 75 hours of approved real estate educational classes to apply for the Pennsylvania

I am thankful for...

The mess to clean up after a party; it means I have been surrounded by friends.

The taxes I pay; it means that I'm employed.

Selling Amityville Horror House


Does selling a famous house get you MORE in value?  Not the Amityville Horror house! Ronald DeFeo Jr., shot and killed his parents and four younger siblings in a gruesome murder as they slept in the family home.  13 months later, the Lutz family purchased the 5-bedroom house at a very discounted price. 

Beware of the Flip

For those of you want a NEW home, but can’t afford NEW home prices and don’t want to move South to the Carolinas, Georgia or Florida; a Rehabbed property may fit the bill.  Philadelphia and its suburbs have the neighborhoods you love, so why move far away?  A Rehabbed property could be a great solution in an area with lots and lots of older homes like our area!  A Rehab may have

Frightened by Real Estate?

Yes, there are plenty of reasons to be fearful in a real estate transaction.

Five Ghostly Decorating Mistakes

So the designers of “Better Homes and Gardens” seem to be constantly changing everything!  No, no, I’m not suggesting you have to completely remodel your   home; but look around, if your house looks boring to you, then it probably IS.  These five decorating mistakes have to go or they will come back to haunt you. 

Would you want to buy a Haunted House?

 So… does the Seller have to disclose that his house is HAUNTED?  What if a house has had a gruesome murder/suicide in its history?  In    2006, a man shot and killed his wife and himself inside his house.

Helping Seniors Downsize

Are you a senior or do you have a senior family member that needs to downsize, but “doesn’t know where to go”.  This is the number one reason seniors    choose not to move.  A   second reason stated is “lack of funds”.  They may have equity in their home, but may not have savings for the move.  And of course, another reason is that &ld

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