Priscilla Nieto McDonald

Priscilla Nieto McDonald

Assoc. Broker, GRI, CRS, ABR, SRES


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For Every Thing, there is a season...

I love Pennsylvania, where I was born and have spent most of my life. 

I have learned a lot about life through nature here.  We have beautiful, lush green rolling hills in metropolitan Philadelphia and can easily take a short drive to small rural towns and farmland. 

I love the fall as the hot summer days are behind us and mild weather causes the leaves of our trees and bushes to turn into vibrant fall colors before they fall off.  The winter approaches and much of the green around us turns dull as our plant life goes dormant for the winter.  Our winters can be cold, harsh and snowy or sometimes mild and pleasant.  Then as spring emerges, in a day or two flowers begin to struct their brilliant rainbow colors of life renewed.  “March usually comes in like a tiger and out like a lamb” and April showers do bring May flowers.  Our summers can be mild and rainy, but most times they are hot and dry. 

Every season has something of value, something to remind us that no matter what storms we face, they are only here for a season and then a new season follows.  I hope that you live somewhere surrounded by nature, that you take time to walk around your neighborhood or take time to go to one of the many parks in our cities and state, and relish the magnificence around you.  As you enjoy the springtime, be reminded that this season too will pass. 


Right now, I just want

Right now, I just want everyone to be goal oriented because it is more pursuer than anything else. I have an article written in that most of the people who had goals in life became successful compared to those who just had resolutions. Well, that makes sense because it is a poof that goals can let us go places!

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