Priscilla Nieto McDonald

Priscilla Nieto McDonald

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The First Step toward getting somewhere

As we live in this era of Social Media, we see everyone on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter living the good life. 

Everyone is celebrating perfect get-togethers on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and of course, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day Cook-outs.  Let’s not forget the wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and those perfectly planned vacations.  Isn’t life perfect? 

Wait a minute!  NOBODY has a perfect life.  Nobody has a perfect marriage, perfect relationship with Mom, Dad or their kids, and let’s not talk about those perfectly planned vacations!  Life happens!

Your life will have many “Rainy Days” AND also a few “Major storms”! What if you’ve lost a job or a spouse and the mortgage company doesn’t want a partial payment?  What if Mom died and your greedy siblings are furious that she put you in charge of her estate?  And what if you never should have married that #@%&* spouse who drives you crazy? 

You’ve had enough!  You are not staying where you are; you are moving forward and not looking back.  If you have been referred to me or if are just seeking a Realtor to start your new journey, trust that whatever you share with me will be held strictly confidential.  I will never share your private information with anyone, including the person who referred you to me!  Whatever personal information you want someone to know; you can let them know.  My job is to listen, respect your privacy and make this Your Best Move. 

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