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Priscilla Nieto McDonald

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Honey is my Grand-dog!  And Honey loves her Grandma.  With those beautiful big brown eyes, she is saying “Pet me please”!  As soon as I touch her, she lays down so that I will have to pet her belly.  Then when I finish, she asks for more.  Can I say no?  Of course!  Enough is enough!

And I love Honey, because she’s my daughter’s dog.  Sorry, no other reason. It’s not that I hate dogs, it’s that I dislike paws on me, dislike being licked, that wet nose of hers and her big 100-pound body!  She’s a noisy eater and slops water all over the place.  And if it’s raining outside, even if they dry her hair when she comes in, poor baby, she smells.  Please don’t hate me.  I grew up with dogs, even had the dogs sleep with me.  But as an adult, I developed allergies, all kinds of allergies.  First it was ragweed allergies, then grass, trees, horses, cows, geese, and yes… allergic to dogs and cats!

Since I gave up on dogs, I’ve never had to walk the dog or “police” the yard; never had to carry a bag to be respectful of other people’s yard.  It’s been quite liberating!  So… what happens is that my nose has become quite sensitive.  When I walk into a house that has a dog, yes, I know it. Sometimes, I have to blow my nose and if there are multiple dogs, I can have trouble breathing. I used to babysit Honey for a weekend or so, but when I haven’t been around her a while, I become sensitive again.  And folks, I’m going somewhere with this!  People have all kinds of reasons for not liking YOUR dog and I listed a number of them above. The one thing I did not mention was fear of dogs, particularly big dogs and boxer-pit bulls like our Honey.  Most dogs are very defensive of their home and their masters. Some dogs have a big bark and a big bite. Some little dogs yap, yap, yap and won’t shut up.  Whether you are a dog lover or not; you know what I mean! 

So, when your house is for sale, please take your dog out for a walk.  I have had some clients take their dogs to a family member’s house while they sell it.  Why?  If you want to sell your house quickly, your house should be available at a moment’s notice.  And if you have to leave work to take the dog out, forget that moment’s notice.  Sometimes that Buyer who wants to see your house on short notice is ready, willing and able to buy, but warms up to another house, because your dog prohibited the appointment.  Remember, that you have to disclose that you have had dog in the house and for how long, but you don’t have to make it obvious - hide the big dog cage in the basement, put the bowls on the back deck and clean, clean, clean often.  Ok, you can leave Honey’s picture on the wall.  If you want some great tips to make your house more showable, contact me.  I want to make your moving experience… Your Best Move.

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