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Priscilla Nieto McDonald

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Divorce! We Need to Sell!

You’ve decided you cannot continue being miserable together. 

The question is what to do with the house?  Do you sell the house?  Does one of you keep it?  Who keeps it?  What does the other party get?  Dividing the house is just one of the issues to be settled before finalizing the divorce.  The counselor may advise you one way, your mother another and your lawyer even another.  But if the two of you want to sell the house, then all you need to do is figure the selling price, subtract the expenses and split the proceeds, right?  Sounds easy doesn’t it?

It is easy, but only if you both decide to Agree on what will happen and how it will happen.  You may not have thought about it, but the house needs to look sharp, not just presentable.  It needs to be priced right. And it needs to be available for showings.  Remember, the more attractive it looks to a prospective buyer; the better offer you will receive.  A good, experienced Realtor, like myself, will give you tips to enhance the property’s salability so that it shows well, with that “Happy Home” look.  Your house needs to be, at the very least, similar to the competition or it will sell for less.  I have walked into houses with half the pictures off the walls, half the furniture gone, the yard hasn’t been mowed in three weeks or when it was mowed, it wasn’t trimmed, the weeds are taking over the flower beds and the gutters are clogged with spring seeds or fall leaves. If the wife is in the house; she complains that she “can’t afford to keep it up” or if it’s the husband; he complains “she took everything”.  You may think your neighbors don’t know you are getting a divorce, but your house is telling everyone that the owners do not care, sure evidence of disharmony.  And a “Do not care attitude” affects value!

What if money is tight and the disharmony is strong?  Can you sell  it “as-is”?  Absolutely!  As a professional, my job is to help you prepare the house for sale within your budget; making it as showable as possible and pricing it to sell; so that you will get the highest price possible, and as soon as possible.  Call me for a free, no obligation, confidential consultation.  I want your move to be... Your Best Move.

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